Lonely Sad (song 4 Maniac Chatter)

The Band : Fee Fi Fo
Song Title : Lonely Sad Maniac Chat
Composser : Ornez Joe
Lyric : Ornez Joe
Genre : Free Style
Album : Red N Grey (2009)
Idea : By “Ham” the Cyber Farmer Publisher
Recording at : Glowing Room Record
1. Ornez Joe : Playing Vocal 1st and Vocal 2nd, Guitar Classic, Computer Effect, Pianica.
2. Meg White : Playing Drums
ornez joe Cutting “Doors Bell Song” and fill drum in this song, “I’m so sorry Jack and white “ I don’t have permission to do it, but I think The White Stripes likes what I do.

This Song Dedicate to all Chatter Maniac, “How are You Guys?” are you lonely in the Global Sense Room? Listen this song and find out about your self in this song, there’s much solution for your problem, just doing something new.. coz never left to do! Jack and Meg White has been tell about happiness in the world. Do you Know what are Jack and white Said? Just ask them..
(Ornez Joe)

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