Call for Reviewers or editors Indonesia Berdaya

Journal of Indonesia Berdaya use a double-blind peer-review process for all manuscripts submitted, with two reviewers assessing the academic quality of every manuscript. The reviewers are part of an extended database and are responsible for reviewing manuscripts that fall in their own fields of expertise.

Since Journal of Indonesia Berdaya is receiving a very good amount of papers for publishing, for that Journal of Indonesia Berdaya is looking for reviewers to help the Editorial Review Board to select high-quality papers. Therefore, we need the assistance of referees to accept review invitations and make timely reviews. We welcome all of you to join us in our collective mission to generate high-quality knowledge within the field of community engagement and make the journal stand out among the various community engagement journals.

Research scientists who are highly qualified (with a proven publication record) are welcome to join the Journal of Indonesia Berdaya, as a member of the international advisory board or a reviewer. The Indonesia Berdaya recognizes the value and importance of the peer review of the entire publication process is not only in shaping the individual manuscript but also in shaping the credibility and reputation of the journal. Indonesia Berdaya is committed to the timely publication of all credible scientifically based manuscripts submitted for publication.

The benefit of Journal of Indonesia Berdaya Reviewer:

1. Concessions in Manuscript Registration.
2. Collaborating with an editorial team.
3. Participating in processes to improve editorial work.
4. Joining a professional community dedicated to improving Makein publications.
5. Meeting and working with other experts in a similar field.

If you think you can fulfil these requirements and are interested to contribute as Journal Reviewer, please let us know via this form or

Thank you for your willingness to fill out the form contained in this form.