Become a Section Editors/Reviewers of the Journal of Current Health Sciences

Posted on 2023-08-03

The Journal of Current Health Sciences (JCHS) is searching for talented Section Editor applicants. Utilizing their expertise in specific subject areas and established academic networks, Section Editors will be crucial in ensuring  The Journal of Current Health Sciences consistently publishes and showcases exceptional articles within their respective sections.

If you are interested, please complete the questions below and submit your application.   Benefits include:
  • Ability to help shape new and trending research in your field
  • A listing on Sage Open’s Section Editors page
  • Concessions in Manuscript Registration.
  • Collaborating with an editorial team.
  • Participating in processes to improve editorial work.
  • Joining a professional community dedicated to improving JCHS publications.
  • Meeting and working with other experts in a similar field.

Warmest Regards
Hamid Mukhlis, JCHS Managing Editor


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